More Time to Enjoy What You Do

Using Go2Jo VA Services gives you peace of mind that all your administrative tasks are in hand and being managed professionally whilst you concentrate on your core business activities; or enjoy your new-found free time any which way you want.

How We Work

If you’re always feeling stressed out, too busy to focus on your core business, constantly chasing your tail and desperately wish you had more time to get everything done then it’s time to get some support.

Time Saving
It makes perfect business sense to outsource some of the time-consuming, non-critical or downright mundane tasks so you can maximise your billable hours, grow your business and gain back your evenings and weekends.

Cost effective
Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated administrator without all the extras costs. No HR overheads, no recruitment/agency fees and no office space or equipment required.

From a one-off task, adhoc projects to ongoing administrative support, I can provide a solution tailored to meet your business needs. I work in my own office, using my own equipment but have the flexibility to work off-site at events, exhibitions or in your work location.

There’s no denying that running a business can be hard work. Having support from Go2Jo VA Services lets you grow your business, enjoy the success of your efforts and spend more time on you, your loved ones or your other interests.