This section addresses the most frequently asked questions but if there’s anything else you’d like to know just give me a call on 07539 623459 or email


Questions & Answers

How Does it Work?

What is a Virtual Assistant and Why Should I Use One?

In a nutshell a Virtual Assistant is your go-to person for all types of administrative support but rather than being in your office (or home), they do it remotely, from theirs.

Using a Virtual Assistant adds value. You get more time back to focus on your core business or regain your personal life, rather than spending it on time-consuming admin tasks. You only pay for what you need, when you need it – no employee related taxes or benefits, no recruitment/agency fees. It’s a cost-effective option to handle the administration side of your business.

How Do I Know What to Outsource?

There are several techniques you could use to decide what you can or can’t outsource. As a fan of lists and colour coding I recommend the following as a simple starting point. So, grab yourself a pen, paper and some highlighters (or create yourself a lovely Excel spreadsheet!) and let’s get started!

1) Over the next few days, make a list of every task you currently do.
2) Mark the tasks only you can do, in red.
3) Any tasks you’d like to keep for now but may outsource later, mark in orange.
4) Whatever is left on the list can usually be outsourced.

Confidentiality and Security

Are you ICO registered?

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Can I have a non-disclosure agreement?

Absolutely! Confidentiality is key so if you’d like me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I’d be happy to do so.

What about data security?

I fully adhere to GDPR guidelines. All devices are encrypted, and I only used GDPR compliant, secure cloud-based applications.

Pricing - What options are available?

Block Booking Packages

Depending on the task, it can often be simpler to opt for a set number of hours per month. You can select the number of hours to best match your budget and requirements. Don’t worry about spiralling costs though…I keep track of my time and will keep you updated on hours used throughout the month so we can prioritise your most urgent needs.


A written quotation can be provided and issued for bespoke project requests. A set price will be agreed based on the initial scope of the project. As the project progresses, we will agree any revisions as necessary, avoiding any surprise costs.

Are there any additional charges?

All expenses incurred as a result of completing work will be charged at cost and invoiced separately. This can include but is not limited to telephone calls, travel costs, stationery and postage.
Out of hours/weekend work is charged at £60 per hour.